Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Survey results and a musicality challenge!

June 2, 2016

As of yesterday, responses to last week's survey to my newsletter readers about "what kind of information or training you want most from me in the coming months" were still coming in. 

I've officially closed the polls.  Are you curious to see the results?  

The 120 survey participants, of whom some chose multiple topics, responded this way:

- Musicality:  71  (59.17% of total respondents)
- How to give women what they really want in milongas: 65  (54.17%)
- Performance videos with or without my commentary:  45  (37.50%)
- Help for dancing in crowded milongas:  36  (30%)

Also, 55 participants 
(45%) wrote in comments about what they would like, a few requesting other topics, but most elaborating on their choices. They provided me enough good questions to write a year's worth of articles for you!

At first it seemed as though "how to give women what they want" was winning by a landslide, but "musicality" quickly caught up and reached the #1 position.  

Here's what the report I received looks like:

We could slice and dice the information further to learn more, such as the ratio of men to women for each topic. But this overview is very revealing and helpful to me.

So what does this do for us, going forward?

These are the main topics on which I'll be writing articles and doing trainings for you.  I've decided to give up analyzing steps in videos. (Big grin on my face.) That's just not my "zone of genius", even though I was doing it from a musicality perspective.  It was interesting to me that not one person asked me to write or teach about tango steps, except for one request to suggest specific movements for musicality elements. 

Now, just for fun, here's a musicality challenge!

Please enjoy these two videos of a favorite couple of mine and of many of my readers.  It's Carlitos Espinoza and Noelia Hurtado again.  Then keep reading below the links, where I explain one of the reasons I like this couple so much. (Some of our survey participants I wrote to privately will recognize the reason.) And do the musicality challenge I pose to you!  

"Chique", by the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese

"Tierrita" by the orchestra of Juan D'Arienzo, sung by Héctor Mauré

For the people who have studied my "Tango Musicality Mojo" program" it should be pretty easy to identify in these two videos how Carlito and Noelia use all of the "7 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality" from our program.

The 7 Building Blocks are:
1) Rhythmic Base

2) Pauses
3) Melodic Interventions in the Pauses (C&N use all three kinds)
4) Half Time
5) Suspensions
6) Double Time
7) Syncopations (simple and complex)

The D'Arienzo and the Pugiese tangos are very different from each other! Each one has 6 of the elements, and the missing 7th Buliding Block is different in each one.  But don't worry about that now; it may become clear when you've done the challenge.

The challenge:

Copy my list of "7 Building Blocks" (above) so that you can have it in front of you as you watch each video again.  See how many of these elements you can identify in the music, as well as in Carlitos and Noelia's dancing. 

Even if you know nothing about my musicality system, doing this exercise can make you more aware of different parts of the musical structure and some nuances!

When you have this kind of knowledge, with certainty, you can understand exactly why such musical dancers as these two make the choices they do in their improvisation.  And your own musical interpretation can become deeper (or more sophisticated) and more fulfilling.

Please post below to tell us how you did with the challenge! 

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