Friday, March 04, 2016

A "Rose Vine Tango" to start your weekend

Here is another "Rose Vine Tango" video that I loved watching!  A brand new Tango Mojo member just gave me the link.  She said that Sebastian Achaval and Roxanna Suarez are among her favorite artists lately. 

This performance really struck me because of its fluid simplicity (albeit with a few virtuoso moments snuck in).  I don't know whether something about this couple has changed, or whether something in me has changed and I'm seeing them differently.  My impression in the past was that they were more about showmanship.  I've heard Sebastian referred to as "a monster", in the good sense, because of his technical prowess, of which you an easily find more evidence on 

I have a notion about the subtle change I'm observing, but I want to hear what YOU think.

Whether or not you knew this couple before, what's your impression of this performance?  Please share your thoughts below!

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