Monday, February 15, 2016

A Valentine's Sunday Video - Javier and Moira

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of our tangueras shared this video on her Facebook page today, and after watching it three times, I had to find it on Youtube so I could share it with you.

If you are not interested in tango "Who's Who", then skip the story and go right to the video below.

But perhaps, like me, you've been following tango virtuoso Javier Rodriguez' career after he and the exquisite dancer Geraldine Rojas stopped dancing together in 2006, or since he tragically lost his next beautiful partner, Andrea Misse', when she died in an automobile accident in January 2012.
Since then Javier has partnered with several professional dancers, including the powerful Virginia Pandolfi.  He worked with the young and talented Noelia Barsi for a few years, and they ended the partnership early in 2015.

Suddenly, Javier was touring internationally by himself, and trying out some top local dancers in cities around the world, as well as dancing with professional friends in Buenos Aires. I saw one performance video with Noelia Hurtado, and another wonderful one from the Seoul Tango Festival in Korea last May, in which Javier performed with his former "mother-in-law", Marita (Geraldine's mother, Maria del Carmen Romero, wife of Jorge Dispari).  I've made a page of links to these videos, and if there are any Javier Rodriguez fans out there, I'll publish them in another post.  Just holler. 

But one trial partnership seems to be working out! Javier has been dancing with Moira Castellano for the last six months. To me, Moira's a more mature and interesting dancer in partnership with Javier than his previous young partner was (refined and competent as she is).

Enjoy this Valentine's Day video, and please tell me in the comments section below what you think of Javier and Moira!  
They're dancing to Di Sarli's instrumental, "Indio Manso" at one of my all-time favorite milongas in Buenos Aires, "Yira, Yira". (The camera lost focus at the end, but I don't think it will ruin your viewing.) 

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