Friday, October 16, 2015

Osvaldo joins the tango angels

Last Friday, a very special tanguero left us after a period of illness.  Osvaldo Cartery, who danced with his wife Coca, was nicknamed "pies de miel" - "honey feet".  Watch the two videos below to see why.  Osvaldo and Coca were not stage stars, but rather as simple milongueros they became famous.  They won the 2004 Argentine world championship for Tango Salon. For years they have been beloved performers in many of the milongas of Buenos Aires.

I'm truly saddened by his passing and will miss seeing him with Coca as guests in my favorite milongas. 
They were such a precious couple, as you can see in video interviews with them on Youtube. But I'm grateful their tango together will live on in the many videos like these two.  Enjoy them!

- What is it that you like about their dancing?  - What can you learn from them to enhance your own dancing?
- Why do you think that many consider Osvaldo an outstanding dancer?

I'd love to hear what you think.  Please comment below!

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