Saturday, August 15, 2015

My "comeback" and a short tango film for your weekend enjoyment!

Buon Ferragosto to our Italian Tango Mojo friends!

It's been many months since I've posted to my blog.  As you may know, I've recently recovered from a knee injury that kept me off the dance floor for almost a year!  And not dancing, although I watched videos and listened to tango music often, I felt a distance from my beloved tango and had little to say to you about the experience of dancing.  That surely influenced my focus this year on musicality!

In June, after about 10 sessions of excellent physical therapy (Muscle Activation Technique with Jason Weitzner), my knee was strong enough that I could confidently attend Sun King Dance Camps' week-long adult ballet intensive in Richmond, VA.  Seven days of class, seven hours a day, 
it was a rigorous program with a very holistic approach.  I had the humble honor of being at the bottom of the beginners' class. But each of my three instructors told me that they were witnessing a transformation in me. In fact, by my second day there, any doubts I may have carried from childhood about myself as a dancer were smashed . . . talk about empowerment!  (I highly recommend the Sun King programs and their faculty.)  My ballet studies will continue, and I'll certainly return to future Sun King sessions.  I'm staying connected to the experience by practicing at home my instructor Scott Putman's "Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS)".  

Marco Spaziani (with Fernanda Cerone)
Now I'm gearing up for a two weeks of intensive dancing, teaching, and video production with my former teaching partner from Rome, Italy, Marco "El Duende" Spaziani. Marco arrives in Florida on August 23. We've been tango friends for 20 years, and Marco often taught with me in my big tango school in Perugia, UmbriaTango. Marco's dancing is a hybrid between Tango Salon and Milonguero Style. He's been dancing in milongas in Italy, Europe and Buenos Aires for 25 years, and is a wizard at dancing freely and creatively in tight spaces!  If you live in South Florida and would like to know about our workshops or about private lessons, email your questions to (Tango Ladies, Marco is a dream to dance with!)

After Marco leaves on September 10, I'll be heading west for several months to work daily with a potential tango partner to see what we can develop! It's premature to predict what will happen, because our styles and backgrounds are so different - not what I would have expected.  Yet something makes us both believe that we've got good potential for dancing together.

To celebrate my "comeback" to the tango dance floor, here's a short, new tango film that inspires me.  It was just released by 
Elina Roldana milonguera whom I admire.  Elina was once a guest in my home in Italy for a summer weekend back in 2001, and she performed at my milonga that Saturday night with Diego Riemer, "El Pajaro", our invited workshop instructor.  Aside from enjoying their tango, I was struck that weekend by what fine people both Elina and Diego were, and I've held each of them in high regard ever since.

"Mi Tango Nació en Sarandi" (My tango was born in Sarandi - a neighborhood of Buenos Aires) tells a part of Elina's personal tango story:

It's 24 minutes long, and has English subtitles.  I found it intriguing, and hope you will too.

Please post your comments below, and h
ave a beautiful weekend!


  1. Glad to hear you're back in action, Helaine.

    1. Thinking about it . . . I wish you were close by, Robert. I think you'd love picking up some pointers from Marco! He's a real master of the traditional milonga.

  2. You came back with a blinding flash and a deafening report like a major explosion. It is also refreshing to hear that the experts experience adversity and conquer the bad and come back better than ever. The Elina Roldán video was an absolute delight and I will be sharing it with fellow dancers. Buon Ferragosto to you and thanks for reminding me as I have a number of Italian friends.


  3. Hi Helaine!
    I am just so glad for you. that you are in Colorado
    Enjoying a new life. I am just so happy for you!!
    All my best to you always!
    Good Tango!

    1. Thank you so much, Marsha! (Sorry we posted this so late.)
      A big hug to you!