Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rudolph Valentino and me on a noteworthy new tango blog!

November 30, 2014

I recently came across an interesting and extremely well-written tango blog  that turns out to be by one of our Tango Mojo community and online home study members! I had always enjoyed Robert's comments on my blog and his participation in my surveys, so I'm happy to see he's making much more of his gift for writing about tango.

Robert Bononno from New York City writes "Tango High-and-Low: thoughts on Tango and the learning process."  

Robert's been dancing tango only about 2 years, and I've been impressed with the path he's choosing and the progress he's making.  His thoughts about tango seem more highly evolved than one would expect from a relative novice.

But that makes sense to me because Robert is both an accomplished photographer and a professional translator. Often when an artistically and/or linguistically gifted person comes to tango, their maturity from the other arts flows into their tango experience.

Robert very intelligently shares his thoughts about his own tango studies, as well as his reflections on what he observes in the tango world.

I discovered his blog last week when I did a Google search for myself to find a certain article. There on the second page of search results I saw part of a review about my writing and teaching.  I followed the link to that article and thought, "This person knows me too well to be a stranger!  Who is it?"  What a wonderful surprise to see Robert's quickly growing blog, and how honored I felt to have been reviewed in that way.

The article features Rudolph Valentino and me, and is entitled "Safe Sex".   Read it HEREand write your thoughts in the comment section!

I hope you'll enjoy other articles on "Tango High and Low", and that you'll become a regular visitor to Robert's blog.

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