Friday, July 18, 2014

A tango tip for women: your right hand!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On the July Q&A coaching call for members of our "Tango Improvisation Mastery" online home study system, one tanguero asked, "What do I tell a woman whose right arm is limp?" 

Our tanguero was talking about his not enjoying a tanguera's embrace in a practica situation, where it's often appropriate to give feedback, unlike in a milonga.

The answer to the woman's limp right arm problem is so simple, I can explain it in one minute:

In the tango embrace . . .

Man/woman handshake.

. . . the energy in the woman's right hand should be just like the energy in a good handshake, with a solid, palm-to-palm connection.

"You may kiss my hand" gesture.

But her arm should relax, as if she were offering her hand with the unspoken comment:  "You may kiss my hand".
Tangueras, this combination gives your arm just the right degree of resistance and responsiveness to your partner's lead, without your doing anyting artificial.  And it beautifully engages your right side in the "circle of energy" that constitutes the tango embrace.  (Remember, I am always talking about Tango Salon.)

Whenever I have taught embrace to beginner or experienced tangueras, I have always said, "The energy in your right hand is like . . . " and I offer my right hand, saying, "I'm Helaine.  Pleased to meet you."  And the woman shakes my hand, as if we were two businesswomen meeting for the first time.  "And the energy in your arm is like . . .", (and I demonstrate the gesture) "You may kiss my hand." 

It is so natural, and everyone "gets it" immediately!  My Tango Ladies have always had beautiful right arms with good energy.

Why don't you try this at your next class, practica or milonga?

There are other factors to consider on the woman's right side of the embrace, but I'll save them for future tips!  

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