Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tango Mojo Video of the Week: Adrian and Amanda walk their tango

May 11, 2014

It's a busy day for Tango Mojo in Buenos Aires!  A full day of private classes with a tanguero from Canada doing an intensive Private Coaching Retreat, and in a few minutes we're meeting another Tango Mojo tanguero, a member of Tango Improvisation Mastery - from Finland, plus 3 members of the Vancouver tango community, who are joining us at two milongas tonight!

I just want to quickly pass on to you a link sent to me a while back by Pierre in Belgium.  It's Adrian and Amanda Costa, walking almost their whole tango to music by Ricardo Tanturi with singing.

See what you can learn from Adrian and Amanda about:

1) interpreting the music with almost all walks and pauses, 
2) different ways of walking!

Certainly, when we're in crowded milongas we won't have the luxury of walking so much.  I'll handle that with another video very soon.  But when you can walk, look at what poetry you can make with so little!

Happy Mother's Day to all our tanguera mamas!


  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed the simplicity of this video. Everything is in the technique and the musicality. It really demonstrates the 'walk' as the essence of the dance.

    1. Thanks for sharing your appreciation with us, Rachael!