Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Sunday "Rose Vine Tango" video playlist for you

February 23, 2014

Sometimes I just love to give you beautiful videos to look at on a Sunday morning.

Last week, as I was building a video playlist for my online musicality students, I came across the videos of a young, "Rose Vine Tango" couple that I'd never seen or heard of before.  I quickly fell in love with them, and I watched performances of theirs across the last several years.

They are Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina.  I don't know how I'd missed them. They have been performing all over Europe for at least four years.

I'm singling them out today, not for their elegant Tango Salon, nor for their sensuality, nor for their unity and intimacy, but for their musicality.

I'm not sure whether I can say that their musicality is outstanding . . .  it resonates with me to such a degree that I get totally lost in their dancing, and I may lose my objectivity.  Maybe you will get lost in their dancing too.

I made a little playlist for you from four pieces Juan Martin and Stefania performed in 2011 in Amsterdam.  Over the last few years, they've become even more polished and unified as a couple, but I was compelled to share this playlist with you because of the way their musicality is revealed in these pieces.

Here's the video playlist:

Please observe how BOTH dancers interpret the music, and note the musical dialog going on between them.

I'm hoping that Stefania's performance will inspire our tangueras to be as serious about studying musicality as they wish their partners were!

And I'm hoping that Juan Martin's performance will inspire our tangueros to invest less time and energy in studying volcadas, and more in studying enrosques. But that's another topic.  For today just observe his musicality!

And you?  How's your musicality doing?
  • Are you confident in your understanding of the structure of various tangos?
  • Do you recognize where phrases begin and end?
  • Do you know when the music specifically calls you to syncopate?    . . . to embellish?  to slow way down?  
Stefania demonstrates in today's videos that she knows these things as well as Juan Martin does.

How about you?

If you have a desire to become more competent at interpreting tango music, like the artists you so admire, find out how you can, in a short time, by clicking HERE.

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