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Gabriel Missé and Analía Centurión in New York

August 21, 2013

Several of my readers and even a childhood friend sent me an article from the New York Times about world-class tango artists Gabriel Missé and Analía Centurión.  In fact, one of our Tango Improvisation Mastery members was present at the Dardo Galletto Studios milonga for Gabriel and Analia's performance, about which the Times critic writes.  Our tanguero told me how impressed he was with Gabriel's lightning-fast feet!  

I thought the article was quite interesting, so I'll share it with you, along with a related video.  I also want to talk to you about Gabriel, and mention why I've never shown you videos of this great dancer before.  And finally, I'm including at the bottom a surprise video I think you'll really enjoy!

First, the article [CLICK HERE].

Next, here are Gabriel and Analia 4 months ago in an informal presentation at the same studio.  I like sharing this one with you because it's an improvisation in an intimate setting, and not a fancy stage choreography.  They're dancing to "Fueron Tres Años" by Hector Varela's orchestra.

Before I talk about Gabriel, I just want to ask my tanguera readers to watch Analia, and observe how she roots herself powerfully with every step.  You can almost hear her foot biting into the floor with all her weight arriving on top of it immediately, as if her axis snapped into place in a split second with every step.  And it does!  This gives her power, as well as tremendous freedom to dialog with Gabriel and the security to embellish freely with the other leg.  (We work toward this kind of grounding in my  private sessions with tangueras; it's a magical skill to which I've given a secret name!) If there is one thing I wish for you to acquire before any other quality in your tango, Tango Ladies, it's this!!

Now back to Gabriel.   

I first saw him perform in 1996 in Rome, in the big stage production of "Una Noche de Tango", by the company Tango X 2.   Gabriel was only around 17 and already an amazing dancer.  That weekend the company came to my teachers' milonga at the "Tango Bar" on via Macerata, and after the milonga my classmates and I got to party with the cast.  It was a night I'll never forget.  I even danced with the famous director/producer/choreographer of the show, Miguel Angel Zotto . . . but I was shaking!  (I had only been dancing tango two years, and he was at the time perhaps the most famous tango dancer in the world.)  Young Gabriel had invited me to dance swing at that after-hours party, but I didn't know how!

When Gabriel was more mature, he partnered for a while with the great tango diva Alejandra Mantiñan.  He's fast.  She's fast.  They were breathtaking together for the speed of their feet!  Later he partnered with Natalia Hills, another beautiful dancer. 

You may know that author, speaker, entrepreneur Timothy Ferriss had an immersion in Argentine Tango for a short time.  Ferris had studied (from zero) for 6 months with Gabriel Misse' and then felt competent enough to compete in the world championships in Buenos Aires, which attests to Gabriel's mastery as a teacher.

Gabriel, comes from a family of excellent dancers of Tango Salon. He was the brother of the late Andrea Misse', whom many of us loved and admired. One could say Gabriel is an impeccable, virtuoso tango dancer.  

So why haven't I ever posted you a video of his?  There are two reasons I never thought to include him before:

1) He's a toe-first dancer.  That says to me that he comes more from the stage than from the milonga.  I don't teach or promote toe-first dancing or walking because it's not a natural walk.  If you look at the videos on my blog at, you'll see that all my favorite "Rose Vine Tango" men walk heel-toe.  

2) While his tango prowess is incredible and I respect him enormously, I feel no emotion from him when I see him dance.  That's all.

But here's the surprise I promised:

It's a delightful clip from the 1990's show, "Una Noche de Tango", in which Gabriel dances with Guillermina Wilson to the vals "Desde el Alma".  Gabriel was in the show a number of years.  I had seen a younger Gabriel in this same choreography in the 1996 show in Rome, but the video of that period - which was even sweeter! - has been removed from Youtube.  

I hope you enjoyed the two videos with Gabriel Misse'.  I'll soon send you a video of someone who's not such a virtuoso, but who transmits strong emotion to his  partner and to his audience!

* * * * *

Before signing off, I just want to remind you that I'm soon going to Buenos Aires for 3 months.  Some tangueros and tangueras will be coming to study and go to milongas with me, and take advantage of my infrastructure there and my Porteño "dream team", who are also wonderful dancers!  If you'd like to get an idea of the environment we'll be in, please visit  If you want to speak with me about it, visit to select a time for us to chat.

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