Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video of the Week - Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado

Here again is one of the videos I posted the other day, from a very recent performance of Sebastian and Maria Ines.  

Though she is only 3 years into her worldwide career as a tango performer, and I wouldn't yet call her a tango "diva", as I would great artists like Alejandra Mantiñan, Geraldin Rojas, and Melina Brufman, I think there are some important lessons for my tangueras in her dancing.  

Keep a pen and notepad by the computer when you watch the video, this time, and make note of anything you would like to emulate in her dancing. I invite you to post your comments below. Men, you're welcome to contribute your opinions, too.  If Maria Ines is someone you'd love to dance with, or if you wish the tangueras in your milongas were more like her, please tell us why! 

I have certain things in mind, but I want to hear YOUR thoughts.  Please comment below!


  1. She seems tense and is always looking down

  2. I agree that she looks down a lot; I've observed this for several years. Tense . . . I don't see it, but I asked for YOUR input. Thanks! There's nothing you admire here?

  3. She dances very well with her partner. she follows him with her steps and they dance with passion.