Monday, June 10, 2013

Video of the Week - Adrian and Amanda Costa

I chose this week's video to complement our feature article, "What are you afraid of?" According to the criteria of my article, Adrian is not afraid of anything.  And neither is Amanda.

In this performance in London just a few weeks ago Adrian and Amanda dance very simply to "Remembranza" by Ricardo Tanturi and his "Orquestra Tipica Los Indios", with Osvaldo Ribo' singing.  I almost didn't use the video because the atmosphere of the room disturbed me - reminds me of a high school classroom - but the power of the message I want you to get from this performance prevailed! 

A note about the music:  Is anyone as surprised as I was to discover that the orchestra is Tanturi?  Doesn't it have a different sound than the Tanturi classics we know so well? This piece was recorded sometime after August 1946, when Tanturi engaged Osvaldo Ribo' to replace Enrique Campos, who had left the orchestra.

Now back to the video: 
Does the simplicity of this tango, the absence of many figures, bore you?  Do you think that Amanda is bored with Adrian's improvisation?  Is there anything here that, for you, replaces all the activity that we usually expect in a performance?  Please let me know!

Would anyone like to dance like this?

For my "Tango Improvisation Mastery" online home study members:
Can you see how every element  of Adrian's improvisation, with the exception of a couple of enrosques and a boleo, are covered in your Modules 7-10 of the "Rose Vine Strategy" section?  A few of Adrian's structures may seem fancier than our basics, but they are simply SLIGHT variations on the "Rosebud", Cambio de Frente, and Ocho Cortado.  Any of you who has completed that section through Module 11 can easily break this piece down step by step and reconstruct it for yourself!  

If you'd like to compare this tango with a more complex and dramatic one of Adrian and Amanda's, please go to my blog post where you can watch them dancing to Osvaldo Pugliese's "Una Vez", and also read my commentary:

I'd love to hear your feedback on any of these points!


  1. What gorgeous dancing! I love his pauses and the simplicity of it.

  2. You can dance like that, Gary.