Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Rose Vine Tango" Videos to start your weekend!

Saturday, June 13

In last Monday's article, I posted a video of a simple and beautiful performance by Adrian and Amanda Costa to a surprising version of "Remembranza" by Ricardo Tanturi and his orchestra. In that issue, I did some analysis around that performance and recommended that my Tango Improvisation Mastery members break it down and identify all the elements they recognize from our "Rose Vine Strategy" section, which make up about 95% of Adrian's improvisation.  (You can find the video with my commentary here.)

I challenge everyone to try breaking down at least a piece of it, identifying the components you recognize in Adrian's improvisation.  These are almost all well-known elements that most of my readers who dance tango have probably learned in your first year or two of local tango classes.  Adrian and Amanda make artistry from basics!  Except for one whip-like boleo and perhaps Adrian's final enrosque-with-"needle", these are all things you can do in a milonga.  Studying this piece could be a nice way to spend an hour on a weekend afternoon.  :)  

[By the way, if we have any women who lead among my readers, please post a comment and let me know, so I can speak to you too.  In general, I hate calling tango dancers who are dancing in the traditional roles "leaders" and "followers". (I'm fine with it if they are of the gender that usually does the opposite role, like the marvelous Peninsula Cho from Korea!).  I don't like calling men "leaders" and women "followers", or worse, "leads" and "follows", because those words neutralize the partners' sexual identities . . . but I'll save that discussion for another article.] 

Okay, that was the educational part of this article.  Now for your entertainment, I'm offering two recent videos of another "Rose Vine Tango" couple, Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado, who dance to two other versions of "Remembranza".  In contrast to Adrian and Amanda's simple interpretation, here young Sebastian intersperses their classic Tango Salon with eruptions of his emerging virtuosity . . . in other words, he's really showing off!!  Sebastian sometimes goes over the top in these performances, and it's fun to watch. He seems to take his attention completely off Maria Ines during his spectacular giros, because he needs all his attention for what he's doing, but she is his 100% collaborator in these turns.  Maria Ines supports Sebastian with her super-connected* embrace and her precise molinetes that keep him on his axis as he turns. *(You don't need chest contact to have connection!)  They do a lot of other fun stuff in these two pieces.

Here are Sebastian and Maria Ines dancing just last week in Sweden to "Remembranza" (actually called "Remembranzas", but same song) played by Juan D'Arienzo:

And here they are dancing last month to "Remembranza" by Osvaldo Pugliese:

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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