Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Video of the Week - Carlos and Maria Rivarola

Carlos and Maria Rivarola are renowned mostly among those who know contemporary tango history, because they don't currently travel around the world teaching and performing at festivals.  Their significant accomplishments, include having been among the tango artists in the mid-1980's show "Tango Argentino", performing an enchanting choreography in the 1987 movie "Tango Bar", and Carlos being choreographer for Carlos Saura's 1998 film "Tango".

I would not call the Rivarolas "Rose Vine Tango" dancers, but I am showing you this video because I think it is an important one for you to see. Here, in their performance last week at Club Sunderland in Buenos Aires, Carlos gives what I believe is an absolutely exquisite demonstration of Tango musicality!  I posted the video to my Facebook page, commenting that "Carlos Rivarola dances as if he were an instrument in Osvaldo Pugliese's orchestra."  His interpretation of Pugliese's "La Rayuela" (link below) can teach us how to better listen to Pugliese!  It's of those performances around which I think one could build a school of tango musicality. 

Here is Carlos and Maria Rivarola's performance:

When you watch this video, I'm asking you specifically to focus on Carlos and his musical interpretation.  If you watch the video a few times, does it help you to better appreciate deeper levels of this orchestration by Pugliese? 

I'd love to hear your feedback!

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