Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Fall Buenos Aires location!

My new neighborhood and our Fall Program in BA

On Saturday my lease ended at the apartment in Barrio Norte/Recoleta.  For my last week here, I moved to the private apartment next door to my good friend Maria Teresa Lopez's restored 1880’s tango guest house in the Balvanera neighborhood.  

There's so much soul in this down-to-earth neighborhood! I think of Barrio Norte/Recoleta, where I stayed for 2 months, as "the Upper East Side" of Buenos Aires.  I think of my new barrio as the "East Village".  But someone local said today, “Barrio Norte is Europe. THIS is ARGENTINA.”  Now, I’m starting to understand!  In my experience of the “European” side of town, people were nice, but kept to themselves.  Here in Balvanera I’m meeting truly interesting people every day.

In addition to the palpable soulfulness of my new neighborhood, there are so many great milongas within a 1-mile radius.  This is where I will organize my Fall Buenos Aires program. Maria Teresa’s tango guest house is right next door.  Connected to my apartment is s charming complex of dance room, mini-cafe, and courtyard, all dating back to the 1880’s and carefully preserved. We are well-equipped for lessons, sociable practicas, dinners and small parties.  Pretty much everything one needs is in walking distance - unless you choose to take a cab or bus to a different cluster of milongas.

At the end of the block is a small, corner cafe’/“heladeria artesanal” (homemade gelato bar).  What a first look doesn’t reveal is that a chef in the back makes fresh wholesome meals every day and will come out to discuss your individual desires and needs.  There’s no menu - just a sign out on the sidewalk that says “Plato del Dia - 30 pesos”  (“Today’s special - $6”)   The owner, a management consultant and engineer, is also a musician and a deep and fascinating intellectual. He introduces his guests to each other with genuine admiration, as if each were an esteemed but humble celebrity.  The other night when I was walking home from a milonga after 1am, the cafe' was still open, with musicians and singers who dropped in to jam - when I came in they played jazz, blues, and tango.  The place was so alive!  A young couple danced swing outside on the sidewalk to the blues tunes.

Other conveniences:  There are 3 supermarkets in the immediate area; one of them is enormous, more like a department store.  For fresh produce it’s better to go to the simple Bolivian produce stores that are bursting at the seams with fresh fruits and vegetables from nearby farms.  Two blocks from the tango house, a non-luxury, but fully equipped gym has low rates for classes and monthly enrollment.  There are cafe's and restaurants sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Want to join me next fall in Buenos Aires?

Would you like to have fabulous, insider-experiences in Buenos Aires milongas and around the city, like some of the ones I've been describing over the last two months?  

- Have you been wanting to work with me to really advance your tango, and also been dreaming of going to Buenos Aires "someday"?  Are these items on your "bucket list"?

- Want to enjoy the benefits of all the insider knowledge I'm gaining in Buenos Aires, enhanced by the support of my Porteño team of experts?

My good news is that I'll be returning to Buenos Aires in October and November 2013 (even earlier to continue my own study), and I'm now accepting applications for the Fall programs!  The program's infrastructure is now fully designed, but we need to talk so I can find out what your specific needs and desires are to recommend the right components for you.

If you want information about meeting me in Buenos Aries this fall, contact me now to set up a time to talk!  Skype works great, and it's free to talk internationally.

Just email us at, and I or my team will get back to you promptly.

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