Thursday, May 16, 2013

My training with Melina . . .

I’m excited to report that last week I started 
training with my hero, world-class stage artist Melina Brufman.  Monday, she left on her European tour.  In my brief series of private classes with Melina, I was able to make two major shifts in my dancing, and found myself already dancing much more powerfully, even in milongas. I’m convinced that Melina is the right dance mentor for me!  We agreed to work together intensively early this Fall, when she is back in BA for a 2-month interval in her tour.

Here is a video of Melina dancing with her professional partner, Claudio Gonzalez:  

Melina and Claudio use a lot of "theater" in their choreographies, but that's not what attracts me to Melina as an artistic mentor. She has something in her dancing that for years I've wanted  to cultivate in myself.  Finally, I'm just beginning to "get it".  It feels like what I "got", which has already empowered my dancing, is just the tip of the iceburg!  

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