Friday, March 08, 2013

Meeting an early tango hero of mine!

Tango Mojo Video of the Week

Last Friday night at Veronica Trill's milonga "La Fulana", I met Nelson Avila and his lovely wife Madalyn, and I told them the story of how, back in 1994, Nelson and Nelida's choreography at the beginning of a film changed my life!  In that choreography, they conveyed to me exactly what I felt was missing in my life.

Watch Nelson in this video below - the introduction to the 1988 film "Tango Bar" (with Raul Julia). The choreography, which I watched over and over again in the early '90's on a videocassette from Blockbuster, made me want to find out everything I could about tango!

I had been so frustrated that the film credits kept blocking the dancers. Then I learned from Nelson that he had to choreograph the piece in sections in between the credits, and it took a full week of filming in Puerto Rico to get it done!  Well, to me that week-long investment was worth it. 

Photo:  With Nelson and Madalyn Avila, after their performance at Milonga "La Fulana" in Deerfield Beach, FL.

The tango is very theatrical (I love Nelson's acting), and you'll surely notice that the danced parts reflect a style of stage tango from 25 years ago.  However, now that I'm SO much more sophisticated (wink) in my understanding of tango, I still watched the clip over and over again with pleasure last week. In fact, I just watched it again. 

Nelson Avila and Nelida Rodriguez' choreography that introduces the 1988 film "Tango Bar":
Music by Lalo Schifrin

Though the video quality is not great, you can still enjoy it.

If you want to see a higher-resolution version, and have 90-minutes of tango entertainment (co-starring Raul Julia), you can watch the whole film, "Tango Bar", on Youtube! Nelson's choreography is at the beginning.  

Here's the link:

Make sure the film is starting from 0:00.  When I tested the link it started from around 16:00. 

Famous Argentine singer Valeria Lynch also costars along with singer/bandoneonista Ruben Juarez. There are cameo appearances by dancers Roberto HerreraCarolina Iotti ("The Tango Lesson"), and Coco Diaz.  Watch the credits at the end to see the dancers with their names. Let me know if you recognize anyone I missed.
As always, I welcome your thoughts!

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