Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Rose Vine Tango" Videos of the Week

In the first "episode" of my new series, "Helaine's Adventures in Buenos Aires Tangoland", above, I mentioned how impressed I was with the girl who danced like Virginia Pandolfi "on steroids".  She turned out to be Virginia herself, "unplugged", in a casual environment - a young, late-night milonga.  

I haven't found a video to show you the "unplugged" side of Virginia.  But last December, I sent my readers the following video of Virginia dancing with Javier Rodriguez, almost a year after his beautiful professional partner Andrea Misse had died in an auto accident.  Javier's new partnership with Virginia began shortly afterward.  
Have a look at this one again, and read the comments below from viewers if you like, but make sure to then scroll down to the second video link for the big video treat!

Along with this link, I had solicited viewers' comments. The following responses came in, surprisingly all from men, of all different levels of tango experience.  I'm publishing their comments anonymously:

"So beautifully executed and a might sexy if I may say... I must have reviewed it 5X and watched some of the other associated clips as well!"
* * * * *

"In response to your question, I really love her hips back, chest forward posture, and the way she reaches toward Javier's core while at the same time maintains her own axis." 
* * * * *

"I found Virginia's poise and and use of stillness very compelling to watch.  "It is hard to  adapt to the sight of a new relationship.  But if Tango has taught me anything it is that the moment of shared heart space with a dance partner is not closed when you dance with someone else,  the heart space just expands."
* * * * *

"The welcomed challenge for Javier is the size of his new partner, Virginia. At first glance she appears overwhelming for his small frame, but this highly skilled guy can handle it. Its a pleasant surprise when a woman like Virginia turns out to move like a butterfly and uses elegant embellishments. This can make a man foreget about most other things. Some men are confused about when to adjust their embrace to the size & weight of their partner, so not to constrict the follower or themselves. Instinct & musicality is hard to teach. Obviously, a man has to make adjustments for a woman like Virginia if he expects any positive feedback from her body. It's so hard to find a pro partner. Since the lost of Javier's [partner Andrea], I am just thrilled that he still has that magic he can share with the world. He is so into the moment that its beautiful to watch. Overall, this is a good start for Virginia & Javier."
* * * * *

"Virginia is by FAR one of my favorite DANCERS, not followers. I LOVE her step, she could only take ONE and I start screaming. She makes me actually weep. I prefer her with Fabian Peralta. She is music, she is movement, she is drama and entertainment. I have watched her for years. We are FB pals... oooooooouuuuuuuuu!" 
The BIGGEST Virginia Pandolfi fan (rivaling her mother)
* * * * *

Recently, I saw a few videos in which Javier danced with someone else, and I wondered whether he and Virginia were still partnering.  Well, here's the "video treat" I promised you:  9 minutes - two tangos and a milonga, with Virginia and Javier performing about a month ago at a festival in Monte Hermoso, Argentina:

Next, Virginia doing a US tour with Ney Melo in April and May, and Javier will teach and perform at the Seoul Tango Festival in May with another partner.

Of course, I'm always happy to hear your thoughts!

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