Friday, August 10, 2012

[Videos] A fun introduction to "Musicality"

Just for fun today, I'd like to give you two examples of what I mean when I talk about "musicality".   If you've been reading my ezine for a few years, you may recognize this fabulous performance by performer/juggler Chris Bliss. It's one of the best explanations I've ever come up with for the word "musicality".  Beatles lovers, get excited! Have fun with this, and then please go on to our next link.  [Note August 2012:  I discovered after posting this that this old, favorite video has become damaged after 6 years and almost 2 million views, and the sound is no longer precisely in sync with Chris' interpretation. If you know of a good version of this video, please post the link for us in the comments section below!  Thank you.]

Geraldin Rojas and Javier Rodriguez dance "Cafe' Dominguez"

I got lots of great feedback about last week about Geraldin and Javier's video from 10 years ago!  Yesterday I came across this next one, posted on Facebook by an Australian tanguera, and I am so grateful.  It is an old recording - probably shot with a Super-8 camera (that's reel-to-reel!).  Mamma mia! What a great example this is of musical interpretation.  Can you see how much you can play with the orchestration when you've listenened carefully, over and over, to a piece of music?

The piece is "Cafe' Dominguez", orchestra of Angel D'Agostino, and the great singer, Angel Vargas!  These two young performers probably first heard this tango when they were infants! 

I love teaching musicality, to veteran tangueros and tangueras as well as to new beginners.  And over the 3 full days of classes and practicas at the Tango Mojo Coaching Retreat, we will be working each morning and afternoon with one of my "6 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality", until we've covered them all!  See the whole program of study at fact, I learned the foundation of this system directly from Geraldin's step-father, Jorge Dispari, with whom she grew up, and who was also teacher to Javier!

Let me know what you think! Leave your comments below. 

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