Friday, May 18, 2012

My Delightful Spiral Surprise

Some of my readers may remember this image from Tip #9 of my e-course "9 Surprising Tango Tips for Men"or from earlier articles you've received from me.  It appeared to me finally in an extensive google search I conducted, looking for just the image to express how I envisioned our body's natural spiral around our "Infinite Axis". I was amazed at how perfectly the image illustrated my simple concept.

The painting is a study from painter Saretta Wool's Fung Shui series, and I wrote to the artist several years ago and she kindly granted me permission to reproduce the image in my articles.  (Her new website is under construction, but you can keep the URL to visiti in the future.)

The surprise came on Mother's Day, when I received an unexpected email from Saretta, telling me she has relocated to the Pacific Northwest, and in clearing out her archives came across this small piece and thought "it belongs to Helaine".  She told me it was already wrapped for shipping to me and she only needed my address.  I braced myself to hear the price I hadn't expected to invest, but she said that her payment is knowing how much I appreciate the painting.  So I just got a notice from UPS that it is on my way, and I will proudly hang it in my studio and refer to it over and over again in my teaching!  I am so delighted with this surprise gift!

Please study the image for a moment, and see if you can relate to the yellow vertical that's full of life representing your body's central axis that continues down through the floor to the center of the earth and up through your head to the "apex of the heavens" - what I call your "Infinite Axis".  And try envisioning the gray spiral as the energetic tendency that makes your arms swing and makes your foot project to walk, or that is the driving force that makes you pivot.  Our spirals are always working when we move, turning right or left to varying degrees, unless we choose to block it.

I talk much more about the spiral, using various exercises that efficiently help you "get it", in all my live teaching and in my home study programs.

For now, just think about how your spiral is working when you move about your day!


  1. Dear Helaine,

    You are loved. I am in the Pacific NW now. Left the SW three years ago: - Too hot to Tango!


    Saretta Wool

  2. Error corrected, Saretta! Thank you again!