Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He Paints With Her Feet

 . . . as well as with his own.

Many men start dancing a tango under a self-imposed pressure to keep moving, and learn as many figures as possible, so as to keep the woman interested in their improvisation.  Do you ever feel "on the spot" like that?  

These men don't even get to truly enjoy the music, because they are behaving like slaves to the rhythm, or may not even take time to feel the rhythm at all. The result of all that frenetic activity is that the woman feels like a hamster in a spinning wheel; it's as if she can't stop running to keep up with her partner.  And the man ends up also struggling to navigate in the often near-chaos on the dance floor caused by all the guys who are anxiously dancing chains of figures.  
Do you realize that you have not only your feet with which to "paint the floor" to the music, but you have also the woman's feet as your paintbrushes?  You can pause when the music is not pausing, and keep your feet still, dancing only with your upper torso (your embrace) guiding the woman's feet to "paint the floor" rhythmically and lyrically.

Actually, you are painting with her supporting foot and leg, and she is painting with her free foot and leg!  Those are her "adornos", or embellishments, which she learns over time to do artistically to the music.  And YOU can be doing masculine "adornos", while you have your partner walking the rhythm around you, or during the pauses.

My description may sound abstract, so I'd like to give you an assignment, and I hope you'll find it a pleasant one.  Click the link below and watch the video with Jorge and Marita Dispari, and keep an eye on their feet.  Identify all the moments when Jorge's feet are still, as he simply stands on the floor, while guides Marita's feet to take the steps that mark the music.

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