Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love to a Tango Angel

I had chosen not to write to you about it when it happened, because the air in the tango community was so heavy with sadness; that's not what I wanted to give you in my messages.  If you've watched the videos I often send, or if you're already an avid tanguero or tanguera, you know of internationally admired and adored tango artist, Andrea Misse'. On January 2, 2012, this beautiful diva died in an automobile accident in Argentina.  Many tango people are still using a black ribbon image for their avatar on Facebook, as a gesture of solidarity with everyone who loved or still loves Andrea.  However, the Facebook comment that day of Patricia Garcia, widow of my late "maestro", Nestor Ray, gave me a way to receive this news not as a tragedy but as a transition:  "Andrea is now dancing among the angels".  Honestly, when I took my barefoot beach walks after sunset and sometimes saw stars sparkling in a clear sky, I thought "Yes, there she is.  That's Andrea sparkling." 

Andrea left behind a legacy of her life’s work in videos, so she’ll inspire us for many years.

My friend and colleague, Alberto Paz, put together this video montage of Andrea's career, starting, it seems, almost 20 years ago.  The second half of this half-hour collection is with her last partner, the great Javier Rodriguez, and I believe that here she shone brightest.  Please take some time to enjoy this homage, and share my love of this tango angel.

Thank you, Alberto Paz, for this half-hour homage to our beloved Andrea.

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