Monday, February 06, 2012

Contribute to the making of this documentary!

In cased you missed it:  We're famous!

Here again is the Naples Tango segment of Keith Famie's documentary film, "The Embrace of Aging - the male perspective of growing old",  starring our own Matt Grasso and Eph and Helen Shulman, with special appearance by Alla Peluchiwski, and exerpts from Keith's interview with me.  Just click on the link (or cut and paste into your browser):

You can watch the trailer for the whole film, by clicking on the "Embrace of Aging" icon in the lower left of our tango segment page at the above address.  Or use this link:

Keith has sent the tango segment to actor and tango "apasionado" Robert Duvall to entice him to also be interviewed in the tango part of the film!

I think that Matt, Eph, Helen and Alla were all marvelous in this piece!  

Contribute to the making of this film!
Keith has asked me to reach out to our community to support his new documentary.  If you or your business would like to become a sponsor or a smaller contributor to "The Embrace of Aging - the male perspective of growing old" (sponsorships levels range from $500 - $25,000, but donations of any size are welcome), you can contribute directly and immediately by sending your check to:

Visionalist Entertainment Productions
28345 Beck Rd. Ste. 404
Wixcom, MI  48393

Include with your check the following information:
Name, address, phone, email.
You'll receive a donation receipt for your tax reporting.  

For additional information, call 284-869-0096.

If you'd like to become a significant sponsor, contact Keith Famie at or call 284-869-0096.

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