Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watch our documentary film segment!

Today I'll keep it short and sweet.  

We've been fortunate to have such a fast turnaround on the Naples Tango segment of Keith Famie's documentary film, "The Embrace of Aging - the male perspective of growing old"!  Grab your coffee and put aside your Sunday Times for a few minutes, please, and join me in watching our local stars Matt Grasso and Eph and Helen Shulman, with special appearance by Alla Peluchiwski, and a few opinions by yours truly.  Just click on the link:

In case you missed the trailer for the rest of the film, you can click on the "Embrace of Aging" icon in the lower left of our tango segment page at the above address.  

Keith is forwarding this segment to actor and tango "apasionado" Robert Duvall to entice him to also be interviewed in the tango part of the film!

I think that Matt, Eph, Helen and Alla were all marvelous in this piece!  Please share your thoughts and opinions here below.

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