Monday, January 09, 2012

On MOVING in Tango - Everything with Purpose (Part 2):

(Part 2)  Now let's talk about the transitory movements between the intervals:

In my intermetdiate classes, last season, we experimented with the following:  for several classes we practiced making all our movements ample, and doing every single movement with purpose, even in moving the toe of the free foot across the floor to walk, using one's natural spiral to pivot, or designing an embellishment on the floor.

It was remarkable how everyone in that class grew a whole level in one evening as a result of our Moving With Purpose exercise. 

It could occur during your walk, as I've shown my readers a few months ago, with Sebastian and Mariana's tango to "Buscandote" by Osvaldo Fresedo, that we saw in the previous post.  Let's take another look at their video.

Notice how no movement they make is haphazard or tentative.  Every single movement of theirs as individuals is deliberate, whether he's striding or she's drawing on the floor with her foot.  That's one factor that makes them look like the artists they are.

You can add this quality to your tango right now!  Practice dancing, being conscious of the intention of your every movement.  Fill every movement and every pause with your intention to complete it with clarity.  That's what I mean by "with meaning"!

Now, for fun, let's watch this video of Lorena Ermocida and Fabian Peralta.  They're making every movement and interval with purpose too!

I hope you enjoyed this e-lesson (together with the previous post:.  Try it yourself: claim the Dynamic Interval, your Infinite Axis, playing with it in your daily walking too, as my students do, and when you dance make your every movement with purpose!

And please let me know how it works for you!

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