Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frolicking at Club Sunderland

Often when I don't have evening lessons, I walk down to Pelican Bay's beach club at sunset for a glass of wine or a walk on the beach. I have my preferred table at the edge of the deck for gazing at the Gulf of Mexico, one of my favorite pastimes.  

Last week right after sunset, the unexpected sight of some black fins in the water caught my eye and I was startled.  Sharks? No! There were about six dolphins frolicking close to the shore.  I'd never seen dolphins in the Gulf before!  What a thrill that was.  No one noticed. I ran to the bar to tell some of my neighbors to turn around and look, and soon everyone on the patio was a delighted spectator. It was magical to watch.  One dolphin suddenly turned away and zoomed along the shoreline with alarming speed! Wahooo!! He stopped after about 30 yards and then calmly rejoined the others. I figured it was an adolescent male. ;)

Speaking of frolicking, since I haven't posted a nice "rose vine tango" (Villa Urquiza style) video for a few weeks, here's a little treat for you: It's Roberto Zuccarino and Samantha Dispari frolicking at Club Sunderland in Buenos Aires as they perform to the milonga "No Hay Tierra Como La Mia" by Francisco Canaro's orchestra.  (Warning: long introduction!)   11/13/11  OOPS! They made the video private!  I'll find you another.

For my readers who may be wondering, this is an improvisation.

Have fun, and please tell me what you think of it!

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