Thursday, August 04, 2011

My two special guests last week

I want to say Thank You to "Tango Zen" Chan Park, creator of the new documentary film "Tango Your Life" (click for trailer), which he is currently editing. I had the privilege of seeing the whole first rough cut and I am so moved and impressed by Chan's work. I can't wait for him to finish it and submit it to film festivals!  

Chan spent 5 days with us at the end of July, teaching workshops in both Naples and Hallandale (SE Florida).  He gave us some of his clever, yet basic strategies for navigating the line of dance in a crowded milonga, while using interesting variations on simple structures to have fun playing with the rhythm.

Here on the left is a tiny photo of us dancing at Milonga La Baldoza in Aventura, just north of Miami. (Photo by Vivien Young.)

On Chan's last night here, a very special guest flew in and had dinner with Chan and me.  Afterward, we joined the practica with my students at the Tango Club.  Here below is a photo Chan shot of my guest being charmed by my one-year student Irv Fong. Does anyone recognize this beautiful lady?  (You may have seen her on TV or read her best-selling books.)

                                                                                                          Photo by Chan Park

It's Dr. Christiane Northrup, the OB/GYN from Portland, Maine, who revolutionized women's health care over the last 20 years!  So many women I know have, as I have, read one or more of her life-changing books. You may have seen her on Oprah, on the Today Show, or on Dr. Oz's show or heard her Wednesday morning show on  Dr. Northrup, who's been dancing tango several years, came to Naples 3 days before another event she was scheduled to attend, to do the first half of an Elite Private Tango Boot Camp I designed for her.
What an honor this was for me, and what a marvelous student she is!  In the hours we spent together between lessons, she was often sharing something fascinating from her great fount of wisdom on health, relationships, spirituality . . .  This was such a stimulating and fun time!  I hope Dr. Northrup comes back soon.   I've got all kinds of surprises in store for her in the second half of her Elite Boot Camp.

Psst. . .  I customized a Private Boot Camp for Dr. Northrup.  I can customize one for you too.  This is my most popular and effective program for out of town tango visitors to the Naples Area.  Or we can do a 9-hour VIP day!  Contact me at 239-776-6535 or at and we'll choose the right program for you! 

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