Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men! Slay the Dragons that are Ruining your Tango!

. . . and be the HERO of dozens of beautiful tangueras at every milonga.

Dear Tanguero,

- Do you often find yourself thinking at milongas, "I wish I could dance better tango, so more women would really want to dance with me!"?

- Are you fed up with some women's declining your invitation to dance?

- Do you wish you knew for sure what delights women on the dance floor, and what doesn't?

- Would you like to take your tango skills to a much higher level in record time?

Learning more and more figures is NOT what's going to help you conquer the women you're dying to dance with at milongas! You can keep investing your time and money in classes and workshops to expand your vocabulary of figures. But until you become aware of and correct certain habits in your tango, your popularity in the milonga is not going to grow!

If your tango is not yet where you want it to be, and you often feel frustrated with your level of enjoyment at milongas, while some guys seem to have mastered secrets that no one's told you yet, it's probably NOT YOUR FAULT! You just need to discover some essential keys that will unlock the door to your masculine BEST on the dance floor, and put you on the path to becoming the tanguero you want to be!

Yes, YOU TOO can have women eagerly waiting to dance with you - when you correct a few common errors and replace some bad habits (your dragons) with good ones! I guarantee it*!... IF you take my advice and follow the clear and simple recommendations that I'll lay out for you at the 2009 Meet in the Middle Festival in Mt. Vernon, MO, Thursday and Friday, September 17 & 18, 2009 in my . . .


How to identify your "dragons" and slay them them in record time
and have dozens of damsels eagerly waiting to dance with you at every milonga!"

You'll find a all the details at
*See my money-back, 100% satisfaction guarantee in the yellow box at the bottom of the web page.

(Women are invited at half-price. There's lots of good information for tangueras, too.)

* * * * * * * *

"Personalized Dragon-Slayer Roadmap" Option:

Men! Pre-book 2 tangos with me at the Thursday evening milonga, and by Saturday you can pick up your "Personalized Dragon-Slayer Roadmap" to take home as your personal study plan.

When you pre-register by September 1, 2009, you'll get this whole package for a special one-time-only low price reserved for Meet in the Middle registrants!

For prices and all the details of my program at Meet in the Middle 2009, please visit, and let's get you on your way to quickly becoming the tanguero you were meant to be!

Details on Meet in the Middle tango festival here:

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