Friday, June 26, 2009

We're both in the headlines!

Yesterday a great, great talent and a complex and controversial "personaggio" made headlines by leaving us, at the young age of 50.

I prefer to remember him as he was in the photo above.

I too made headlines yesterday, albeit more modestly. Hot off the presses, Gulfshore Life July Magazine's cover story called "Passions in Paradise", by Chris Wadsworth, features yours truly (p. 38) as part of a trio of people living their passions.

The full-page photo in the magazine was from the same shoot as the one attached.
I prefer my own image in the second photo above.

Here's the online version of the article. Scroll down to "Bewitched by the Tango" - I'm 3rd in the trio. (But read the whole article!) :

I hope you enjoy the article.

And I hope Mr. Jackson has found peace.


P.S. Tonight at our "Practi-longa" at the Bayshore Break, I'll have a special "cortina" (musical intervals between tango sets) in homage. Please join us! Hours and directions here below. Free demo lesson beforehand!

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