Monday, June 01, 2009

Master the art of "Permission Seduction™"

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I think of Tango as "Permission Seduction™" (after Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing"), because the rules of the game are that you walk into a designated room, filled with romantic music, and find intelligent, attractive, beautifully dressed women, who, simply on accepting a glance and a nod from you, will wrap their arms around you and snuggle up to your cheek and your chest, excited to discover the intimate things your body's about to tell them! The same woman who might not look twice at you at Starbucks or at a happy hour, is actually hoping that you'll vanquish her with your tango. Sometimes you'll even feel her heart pounding.

But your body must know what to say, and how to say it. You have to learn the language, and learn it well. Because not every man's invitation gets accepted so easily. The beautiful, elegant woman's sexy snuggle-up is a priviledge you have to earn. You must dance in a way that makes women feel good. They can see whether you "have it" or not when you're dancing with others, and they can feel it in your first embrace.

You don't have to be advanced and show off dozens of fancy tricks. You don't have to ever have danced before. You just have to gradually master the right essentials, the essentials that can make women melt in your arms whenever you embrace them.

This embrace I'm talking about is what differentiates Argentine Tango from all the other dances in the world. In my programs you'll learn to use the masterful and purposeful tango embrace that makes women want you to embrace them again and again and again. Whether we're talking about your special woman, or a woman you'd like to get to know better, or a mysterious woman you've never met before and whom you may never meet again.

Tango's exciting.

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  1. I am Peruvian and have seen the best of the best in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I would love to learn The Tango.