Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Seminar for Women and In-Depth Clinic for Men

I am delighted to announce that Liber and Rosa Solsona have invited me back to Lake Worth do a Seminar for WOMEN. I'm calling it "Secrets of a Happy Tanguera", and it's about how to more thoroughly enjoy your tangolife. It will include an introduction to my 100% Failproof Formula for Enjoying Every Milonga You Attend! . . . plus an overview of "The Tangueras' 14 Deadly Errors - how to identify yours and correct them so you'll have dozens of great tangueros lining up to dance with you". ;)

The date is Saturday, March 14, from 7:30-9:00 PM just before Liber and Rosa's Lake Worth Milonga (address below). They have so kindly cancelled their class for one day to give me time to talk to the women. This seminar will be free of charge for tangueras of every level, and all tangueras are welcome. But you must register if you want to attend.

Click Here to register.

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On the same day, Saturday March 14, from 6:00-7:30 PM, I am inviting a limited number of MEN to participate in a special practical clinic that will be the initial hands-on follow-up to my December 6, 2008 Seminar for Men "The Tangueros' 14 Deadly Errors". Here we will start eliminating the errors, one-by-one, with plenty of individual attention!

This Men's Clinic will be the first program on the calendar of the new "El Guapo Tanguero Inner Circle", a hand-picked group of very motivated men, who are determined to be the next generation of the best tangueros of Florida! The March 14 Clinic participants will become the Charter Members of "El Guapo Tanguero Inner Circle", who will have available to them various programs aimed at the ambitious goal of becoming the best they can be.

Here are men's registration guidelines:

1) The first people who may register will be the men who attended the December 6 Seminar. This time I will ask you to bring a partner to help us out in the clinic. (If you need help, we will find you a partner.) For about a week, I will limit registration to just that list of men.

2) When the time is up, I will open registration to all the men who have participated in my online surveys. I have an accurate list of your names, so you don't have to worry that someone is unfairly using your privilege.

3) And after a week, I will offer any remaining spots to other men in the community who are recommended by the women and men who attended the December 6 Seminar. There will be a charge for the Men's Clinic, but it will be free for the women who get invited to help their friends and companions. Then you can stay for the tangueras' seminar, and finally we'll dance at Liber and Rosa's milonga.

I will publish the link to the men's registration page tomorrow!

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In summary:

Saturday, March 14, 2009
at the American-Finnish Cultural Club
908 Lehto Lane, Lake Worth, FL

6:00-7:30 PM
"El Guapo Tanguero Inner Circle"
- the first practical clinic, based on "The Tangueros' 14 Deadly Errors".
(Limited enrollment, this time by invitation. Details and registration soon.)

7:30-9:00 PM
"Secrets of a Happy Tanguera"
FREE Seminar for Women, including an overview of "The Tanguera's 14 Deadly Errors" and an introduction to "Helaine's 100% Failproof Formula for enjoying Every Milonga". This free seminar is open to all tango women, all levels. Registration is required.

For women's registration, Click Here.

From 9:00 PM . . . Liber and Rosa's Milonga

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