Sunday, February 01, 2009 for Tangueros and Tangueras

In my previous survey to the Florida tango community, where I asked the question “What is the one biggest issue in your Tango life?”, many responses had to do with not having a partner with whom to practice, or adequate partners with whom to enjoy dancing at milongas. Frustrations about partners came up in earlier surveys as well.

Sometimes, part of the partner problem may lie with you, and I will write more about this soon, because I can give you some pointers to help you overcome some frustrating issues.

But sometimes, we just need to meet new people; I have seen it make all the difference in the world to dozens of my students in Italy, and even in my own experience, when we start dancing with people we have never met before.

When I was living in Italy and thinking about moving back to the US, I knew I’d want a new professional partner, or several that I could call on for work, and for my own dancing pleasure. Since there was at least an ocean between where I was and US milongas, I joined the membership site, about a year and a half ago. I’ve been getting great results from my subscription! It’s not only for professionals; there are many more amateurs listed – people who want just a dance partner, as well as people who are looking for a relationship with another dance 'apasionado'.

Through I’ve met a few interesting potential partners around North America whom I know I can either call on for work or dance with for fun when I’m in their part of the country. While hasn’t yet led me to THE dance partner I’d want to work with full time, I see it as just one very interesting and well-run resource for potential partners. But I continue to enjoy the way that through this service, doors keep opening gradually and steadily. I’ll tell you how I manage that, in the attached guide. For now there are many more amateur Argentine Tango dancers than professionals on, so joining could even be more fruitful for you than it is for me.

To explore or to register with, click on the light blue banner underneath my Helaine Treitman Tango blog header, (or anywhere else you find the DP banner on my blogs). You can try a limited version of the service for free for as long as you want. You're welcome to read my free Success Tips by clicking here, or on the link below the DancePartner banner.

MY SPECIAL OFFER: If you decide to join from the banner-link on one of my blogs, if your first upgrade from free is to a 6-month Gold membership or a 1-year Silver membership, you will be entitled to a free 30-minute critique and coaching session on your profile . . . BY ME. Just email me at and tell me what your DancePartner username is, and I'll check it out for you and email you back with my recommendations for making a more effective profile. But first, go ahead and use my free Success Tips and have fun with your trial membership!

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