Sunday, January 18, 2009

What men hate (the other side of the coin)

I want to again thank the men who contributed their opinions to this survey - it was usally the same people who answered both questions in the "Love-Hate" survey. The answers are fascinating to me. So many men are looking for "connection", just as so many women are. But there are many other excellent points that I will be addressing in upcoming blog posts, seminars and newletter articles for women AND in some challenging questions I'm going to bring right back to you men! (Same thing goes for the women's responses last month.)

To read how 9 men responded to the question "Men, what are the 3 things you HATE most about dancing with a tanguera?" CLICK HERE.

Really, all of you men and women who took the time to honestly answer my questions have given me excellent material to enable me to open up an important dialogue with you, and with whomever else wants to join. Gracias!

P.S. I'm ready to post a new survey question, but I want to give those men and women who didn't respond to the latest question one more chance to respond about "your biggest issue in tango". CLICK HERE to tell me about yours!

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