Monday, December 29, 2008

What DELIGHTS women?

Time for the results from the second December '08 women's survey. The question was:

"Women again! What DELIGHTS you when you're dancing tango? What makes a tanguero wonderful to dance with?"

This time there were 69 survey page views and 9 women responded. The women who responded came from various levels of experience, and so expressed similar qualities from different perspectives. For example, a less experienced tanguera may look for a sense of security while dancing and wants a clear lead she can follow, while a more advanced woman wants clarity of communication so she can dialogue musically with her partner.

Women at every level look for "connection"!

I've organized their comments a bit in categories, even if it meant breaking up one person's comments to list in several areas. Here's a list of what delights women!:

CLICK HERE to read some women's comments on what makes a tanguero wonderful to dance with!

In a future post, I'll give you MY own list! But now I think it's time to move on.

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