Friday, December 26, 2008

"The Tangueros' 14 Deadly Errors": Women's Survey Results

In the first half of December, I ran two surveys for women on Chuck Hand's Treasure Coast Tango website for Argentine Tango in Florida. The first asked women to tell me what they considered to be the most common errors of tangueros when they dance - men's habits that makes it less enjoyable for women to dance with them. The survey coincided with the presentation of my Free Seminar for Men before Liber and Rosa Solsona's milonga in Lake Worth on Dec. 6, 2008: "The Tangueros' 14 Deadly Errors: How to identify yours and correct them in just 4-6 months . . . and have women "lining up" to dance with you at every milonga!"

I promised you I'd publish the women's responses together with my own outline. Here are the two combined lists below, with the women's comments in blue.

* * MEN - You can already start using this list to do a self-evaluation and choose a few habits to change yourself! However, through my e-zines and future clinics and workshops, I will address HOW TO CORRECT THE 14 DEADLY ERRORS.

Just 5 women responded to this first survey. The curious thing about this first survey on Chuck's site, is that it got 344 page views! (I suspect some were from curious men.) . . . and only 5 responses. But the feedback in those 5 responses is nontheless important to us.
The second survey had more participants. We'll look at that one tomorrow.

CLICK HERE for The Errors - according to Helaine, with Florida tangueras' input in blue!

Tomorrow we'll go on to Part 2 of the woman's survey:
"Women again! What DELIGHTS you when you're dancing tango? What makes a tanguero wonderful to dance with?"

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