Sunday, December 14, 2008

Helaine's bio

Recently arrived in Naples, FL after 20 years in Italy, Helaine has danced Argentine Tango since 1994, researching its evolution from its historic roots through contemporary innovation. She has studied tango in the US, Europe and Buenos Aires, with legendary as well as younger world-class Argentine masters. But the most important aspect of her trips to Buenos Aires was dancing day and night in the milongas (tango dance halls) with the “milongueros” - dancers with 40-50 years of experience - who conveyed to her their authentic and deeply-felt interpretation of the music.
Known in Italy as “the woman who brought tango to Umbria”, Helaine founded her school UmbriaTango in 2000, with headquarters in Perugia, and has since taught 600-700 people to dance tango and appreciate its culture, giving life to a thriving new tango community. She trained over a dozen professional assistants who now have their own schools, and taught special workshops around Umbria, Florida, and Chania, Crete (Greece), where she trained the local teachers, Frini and Dimitris. Helaine has performed tango in theaters and museums, at cultural events and milongas, and on Italian television. She organized Umbria’s earliest tango events, with support from the local government, including Italy’s first New Year’s Tango Festival in 2002; the festival lasted 8 days and brought 250 tango dancers from all over Europe to Todi’s historic center. In 2001 she started “Milonga Trasnochando”, Umbria’s first weekly tango dance, and continued expanding the milonga culture there; today with hundreds of skilled tango dancers trained by Helaine, you can find a nice place to dance in Umbria every night of the week.
Naples, get ready to tango!

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  1. Wow! If it's that same Helaine Treitman who tried to teach me to dance back in Jr. High School (NJ) Very impressed and warm regards


    Rick Semel